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Product FAQ

Conversion Kit Instructions

P 265 Burners

Unscrew pipe union right below the gas control valve.

Unplug the wires from the gas control valve, blue on top, white, and red on bottom. The green ground wire is next to this all by itself. Also unplug the orange spark wire from the ignition module.

Unscrew the pilot tube fitting from the burner end.

Remove the two ½” head hex bolts that hold the gas train bracket to the burner. The main orifice is directly behind this bracket and unscrews using an 11/16” wrench.

Remove the 4 screws from the flat plate on the front of the burner. Pull the guts of the burner out and turn over to get to the pilot orifice. Follow the copper tube to the pilot assembly and loosen the tubing nut. Remove the 2 phillips screws that are holding the pilot assembly and finish removing the tube. Tap the pilot assembly on a counter and the old orifice will drop out. Install the new orifice inserting the pointed end in first. Screw the tube back on and replace the 2 phillips screws as well as the pilot shield. Slide the burner assembly back into the hole and replace the 4 screws.

Reattach the gas train bolts and reconnect the pilot tube to the burner, plug the wires back in on the gas valve.

The pressure adjusting screw on the gas control valve is under a protective cap in the back, left side of the gas valve. Unscrew the cap and completely remove the adjusting screw and spring from the gas valve.

Follow the instructions with the kit to install new spring and screw.

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