About Us

We have confidence in maintaining our relationships with valued customers by providing superior equipment, products and most importantly, service!

Who We Are

We manufacture and market state of the art commercial, competition and residential barbecue smoker ovens. In addition to barbecue equipment, sauces, seasonings and lifestyle products. Our greatest joy is to “Shine in the reflected glory of the successes of our Friends and Customers!” We’re here to help you Barbecue at YOUR Best!

Why we’re different

Ole Hickory Pits uses its own patented Convecture™ Technology to create unique, efficient, energy saving, Genuine Barbecue Smokers. We have over 45 years of hands on barbecue cooking experience. With this experience we have created our own award-winning Ole Hickory Pits™ kitchen cabinet of barbecue seasonings and sauces.


Convecture™ Technology

Convecture™ Technology is the term applied to a series of patents that have revolutionized the way the world cooks smoked foods. These patents center around the unique way heat and smoke are circulated within an enclosed cooking chamber contained inside a smoker oven. It not only allows the food to be cooked consistently but results in extreme efficiency and distribution of heat and smoke, all contained within a very small space.

Our Planet

We believe we should all be good stewards of our environment. We strive eagerly to create the most efficient solid fuel burning smoking equipment available. At Ole Hickory Pits™, research and development is not a single event, it’s an ongoing process!


Our Customers

We have customers all over the world. Our Commercial Customers are Restauranteurs of all sizes, Caterers, Meat Packing Processing Plants, Food Trucks and Trailers, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Foodservice Outlets. Our Competition style Customers include many Cooking Teams and Individuals around the world. Our Residential Customers are Patio and Backyard BBQ lovers.


Our History

Founded in 1974 we are located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri (between St. Louis and Memphis, Tennessee). Learn about our deep roots along the Mississippi river.

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Operation Barbecue Relief

Learn about how we use our passion for Barbecue to help victims of natural disasters throughout the country.

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OHP BBQ All-Stars

OHP BBQ All-Stars is our way of saying Thank You! to the men and women of BBQ that have taken honor in being our loyal customers. We would like to highlight the BBQ Hall of Famers, BBQ Celebrities, OBR Heroes, Competition Champions, and the good Ole BBQ Boys. OHP BBQ All-Stars is a work in progress, so if you feel you should be featured email us at main@olehickorypits.com with the subject OHP BBQ All-Stars, and tell us about yourself.

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