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General FAQ

  • Can I install an Ole Hickory Pit indoors through a wall?

    Ole Hickory Pits are built for a variety of installations, including through the wall, mobile units, indoor and outdoor. Call our sales department for more information.

  • What is the Ole Hickory Pits return policy?

    Thank you for your business. Ole Hickory Pits is deeply committed to providing high-quality service to our customers. We sincerely apologize if the product that you received does not meet your expectations.

    Merchandise will be accepted for credit up to 60 days after original invoice date. All credits will be applied toward your account. Returns will be accepted for inspection or credit with authorization.

    Request for return of merchandise must include reason, description, quantity, invoice number, and date of invoice covering shipments. Please call 1-800-223-9667 and ask for the Service Dept. to receive authorization. Upon approval of return, please re-package and ship to Ole Hickory Pits, 4077 Nash Road, Scott City, MO 63780. If the part is under warranty or the part is defective, a prepaid return label will be sent to you. Simply call the toll-free number printed on the return label to schedule a pick-up of the return merchandise or drop off at a UPS store.

    Upon receipt of the package, a full sales price credit will be issued for defective products. Non-defective items (complete, unused and in new condition) will be assessed a 20% re-stocking fee at the discretion of the Service Manager. Custom ordered products may not be returned except for defective workmanship and request for return authorization must be made within 2 weeks from date of invoice. We wish to address any issues that may have led to your return as best as we can. Our support team is ready to assist in part selections or to answer any questions that may help you get exactly what you need.

  • What about electrical requirements?

    Regular electrical outlets are all that are required for operation, 120 volts AC with a recommended protection rating of 15 to 20 amps. If using a mobile unit with a generator, a minimum of 1500 watts is required. (Lights and optional features may increase the minimum requirements slightly)

  • Is training required to operate an Ole Hickory Pit?

    Customer orientation is recommended to familiarize new owners and their employees with operating procedures. Orientations rarely last longer than one hour. Extensive training is not required for the simplicity of the control system. Ole Hickory Pits also offers technical and customer service support. If you have a question or need help, just give us a call during normal business hours.

  • What is a convection fan system?

    The convection fan system is incorporated into the design of the unit to give a higher degree of consistency to the products you are cooking. With the circulation of both heat and smoke, the product cooks more evenly and similar cuts of meat can finish at the same time. Also, less wood is required because of the circulation of the smoke.

  • Does the burner require L.P. or Natural Gas?

    The unit may be equipped with the customer’s preference of Natural or Propane gas by changing to the correct gas burner orifice.

  • How is temperature regulated?

    Ole Hickory Pits power burner is thermostatically controlled. By using L.P. or Natural gas, the burner fires the wood up to the desired cooking temperature, then shuts off automatically. As the temperature drops during cooking, the burner rekindles the wood periodically to maintain constant temperature.

  • What types of wood can I use?

    Depending on the flavor that you desire you may cook with a variety of woods. You can use hickory, oak, apple, cherry, orange wood, pecan, peach, almond, grapevines, etc. Softwoods, such as pine or fir are not generally recommended and mesquite is not recommended because of its corrosive nature.

  • Do I have to burn wood?

    No, you may cook with gas only. Wood is not required for the unit to operate. Ole Hickory Pits are primarily used for barbecue and smoking, but they may also be used as a convection oven for roasting.

  • What do you mean by Wood Burning Barbecue Pits?

    Our smokers are designed to use wood as a source for smoke to give your product it’s own distinct flavor. (See types of wood)

  • What is “Genuine Barbecue?”

    Genuine Barbecue is meat that has been slow cooked using the heat and smoke of burning wood or charcoal at a low temperature. The smoke is absorbed into the meat during the cooking process giving it a tender texture and distinct smoked flavor. Favorite meat products, wood type, sauce and seasoning vary by region, but the essential elements of low slow cooking with smoke are the same. Traditional favorites include barbecue ribs, pork shoulders, beef brisket, and a host of other smoked products. This method is in sharp contrast to high temperature “grilling” over direct heat, as with grilled steaks or hamburgers.

  • What about safe operation?

    Ole Hickory Pits are equipped with features that substantially reduce the fire hazard associated with conventional barbecuing methods. The location of the firebox prevents the fire from coming in direct contact with flammable meat and fat dripping. The burner, which controls the cooking temperature, is connected to an Upper Limit Control Switch. If the temperature inside the pit exceeds 350 degrees the Upper Limit Control Switch shuts off the burner automatically; thus, greatly reducing fire hazard.

  • How can Ole Hickory Pits reduce meat cost?

    The key to reduced meat shrinkage is maintaining a stable cooking temperature. With the combined actions of the thermostat, racks, flue, and convection system, Ole Hickory Pits eliminates hot and cold spots in the cooking chamber. This ensures that the proper cooking temperature is maintained throughout the cooking process. Therefore, meat retains more of its own natural juices resulting in more pounds of serviceable product. Extra pounds mean extra profit!

  • How can Ole Hickory Pits save labor cost?

    Ole Hickory Pits are simple to operate. They are fully automatic and therefore, do not require constant attention to maintain an even temperature. This alone saves many man-hours of costly labor each day. Since the meat doesn’t need to be turned, basted or moved to prevent scorching, your Ole Hickory Pit frees you and your employees to do other work. This also minimizes the need for extensive training. Anyone can become a barbecue expert!

  • How do I know which model I need?

    There are many things to consider when looking for the right size commercial smoker. You will need to consider how many seats your restaurant has, number of operating hours per week, if you are going to cater, if you will have carry out, holiday specials, advertising specials, etc. Your Ole Hickory Pits salesperson will assist you in selecting which size smoker will best fit your needs.

  • How economical are Ole Hickory Pits to operate?
    Ole Hickory Pits are scientifically designed to be extremely energy efficient. They are enclosed and insulated to insure maximum use of the heat and smoke. The flue system allows only enough smoke and heat to escape to provide for combustion. Once the burner fires the wood to the desired cooking temperature, the thermostat shuts it off automatically, coming on only as needed to maintain the proper cooking temperature. The wood smolders continuously throughout the cooking process. You can cook hundreds of pounds of meat for a few dollars a day.
  • How do I clean an Ole Hickory Pit?

    Ole Hickory Pits has designed the units to be as easy as possible to clean. The interior is sloped to allow for the meat drippings to be drained through a 2” pipe drain and collected into the customer’s rendering tank or grease drains. Spray the interior with a de-greasing agent while the unit is warm. Then spray the racks and interior after allowing the de-greasing agent to work for the required time. A degreasing agent may not be required if you use a high-pressure washer on the interior.

    However, extreme caution should be used when using a high pressure washing device to avoid damage to gaskets, electrical and thermostatic components.

  • Are Ole Hickory Pits listed for sanitation, gas and electric?

    Yes. Ole Hickory Pits utilizes the ETL listed mark from ITS, which is universally recognized throughout the U.S. and Canada. Ole Hickory Pits has chosen ETL over UL as its testing provider because of their quick response to individual needs. For more information about ETL and Intertek Testing Services call 1-800-WORLDLAB, click HERE to visit their website or for more information, go to ETL Certification Marks.

  • Why should I buy an Ole Hickory Pit?

    The answer is simple: it can make money for you. It can increase your profitability by increasing your sales, while decreasing your expense and improving your productivity. The goal of every business is to make a profit. Equipment purchase decisions are based on, among other things, return on investment; that is, the return your business can receive by owning the equipment should be greater than the cost of purchasing it. That’s why it makes good sense to BARBECUE AT YOUR BEST with Ole Hickory Pits!

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