Fans of Ole Hickory Pits Rib Cook-Off 2020

Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you to everyone that entered and submitted all the great photos. Winners will be notified via email in the coming days.

Ricky Moran

First Place – Ricky Moran

Ricky Moran

Rod Jenkins

Second Place – Rod Jenkins

Nick Schmidt

Third Place – Nick Schmidt

Brian Wynn

Fourth Place – Brian Wynn

Dustey Walley

Fifth Place – Dustey Walley

Brian Ludlow

Sixth place – Brian Ludlow

Edward Rivas

Seventh Place – Edward Rivas

Noel Grafe

Eighth Place – Noel Grafe

Caroline Guy

Ninth Place – Caroline Guy

Justin Haisley

Tenth Place – Justin Haisley

All Entries


Ole Hickory PitsSweet Swine O'MineVictory Lane BBQPickin N GrillinRTR GrillersSmokehouse Crackers

Welcome to the Fans of Ole Hickory Pits Rib Cook-Off 2020.

We are happy to have all who wish to participate submit a photo of a rack of pork ribs they have recently cooked. Please leave out any markings or branding in the Submission photos, we want this to be fair to all and to give everyone a fair chance to let the Internet Decide the winner. Do not share your photos on any public forum until judging is complete.




1st PlaceOle Hickory Pits, $300 Pro shop Gift Card
2nd PlaceSweet Swine of Mine, Prize Pack
3rd PlaceOle Hickory Pits, $200 Pro Shop Gift Card
4th PlaceVictory Lane, Prize Pack
5th PlaceOle Hickory Pits, $100 Pro Shop Gift Card
6th Place – Hog Addiction BBQ, Granite Cutting Board
7th PlacePickin’ and Grillin’, Taste Bud Tickler Bundle
8th PlaceSpices Smokehouse, Jar of Smokehouse Crackers
9th PlaceRTR Grillers, 6 Pack of Thermostat Knobs
10th place – Ole Hickory Pits, Seasoning Sampler Pack

Contest Rules and Instructions

Submissions will Begin Thursday May 7 and end Thursday May 14 at 8 am Central Time.

Judging Will Begin Thursday May 14 and end Monday May 18 at 8 am Central Time.

Judging will be a blind judging on our website. Voting will be shared on the Ole Hickory Pits website the Evening of May 14.


We ask all participants submit 2 (two) photos.

Photo 1
Must be a photo of a recently cooked rack of pork ribs. The ribs can be any kind and presented either Whole, Cut, or Stacked and must be photographed on a non branded or marked background (i.e. Cutting Board, Table, or Plate) Wood Grain and Granite are acceptable. This photo will be Judged by the internet in a facebook Poll so try and make the photo as appetizing as possible, the only criteria for the Judges is to rate each rib based upon their opinion of appearance. This contest is open to all smokers.

Photo 2
Will not be submitted for Judging but must show proof that you and your team cooked the Ribs in the Submitted photo. We ask that you and your team stand Behind the ribs submitted and one member pretend to hold a trophy, we will use this image for the winners and photoshop a Trophy in their hands. We also ask that no Branded Items other than team names be in this photo. We wish to share the winners on the Ole Hickory Pits page and ask that you respectfully refrain from endorsing any other products.

Please Fill out the below information and Drag and Drop your 2 (two) images into the photo submission tab. Once you press submit you will receive a confirmation email with a list of coupon codes from our sponsors.