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Product FAQ

Adding the Exhaust Fan

Adding the centrifugal upblast exhaust fan

The SMOKE EVACUATOR option that can be added to the OLE HICKORY PITS smoker needs to have a centrifugal up-blast exhaust fan installed (normally on the roof directly above the smoker). This exhaust fan is what pulls the smoke out of the smoker to prevent the smoke from going into the kitchen. It is important to select the proper size exhaust fan depending on the model of the smoker. (SEE EXHAUST FAN BELOW) The exhaust fan will be attached to a roof curb that is attached to the roof.

If installing the smoker through the wall and the smoke evacuator will not have to be installed on a roof, a fan flange adapter can be purchased to install the exhaust fan directly onto the smoke evacuator assembly.

Models EL-ES, EL-EC, EL, EL-IS, SSM, SSG, & SDL These smokers should use an exhaust fan rated at 700 CFM.

Models EL-ED, EL-EW, SSG, SSE, SSJ-AE, SSJ, SSO, & SRO These smokers should use an exhaust fan rated at 1100 CFM.

Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan used with the smoke evacuator should be rated at around 700 CFM for models EL-ES, EL-EC, EL EL-18, SSM, or SSG.

The exhaust fan should be rated at around 1100 CFM for models EL-ED, EL-EW, SSJ-AE, SSJ, SRO, SSM, SSRD, or SSE.

The electrical power for the exhaust fan should come from the actuator motor electric box on the damper assembly. Connect the black and white wires for the exhaust fan to the screw terminals of the actuator motor, adding the black wire to the black wire and the white wire to the white wire.

Wiring the exhaust fan

The power to the exhaust fan should come from the damper assembly electrical box of the smoke evacuator. This will allow the damper assembly and exhaust fan to both operate at the same time. Connect the power wires from the exhaust fan to the terminals inside the damper motor, black to black and white to white. There is a conduit knock out hole in the top of the motor enclosure to access the wiring on the damper motor.

Adding the Exhaust Fan

Venting materials

As the manufacturer of the OLE HICKORY PITS smokers, the recommended materials for constructing the 4″ or 6″ flue pipe as well as the 10″ diameter smoke evacuator duct should be made of 16 gauge steel, single wall with fire wrap insulation applied where this passes through a combustible ceiling.

The 4″ or 6″ flue pipe, depending on model, should be installed as straight up as possible, with any offsets not to exceed 45 degrees. Any offsets that are installed will increase the frequency that the flue needs to be cleaned from at least every 6 months to every 3 months. Height of the flue pipe should be at least 4′ above the roof line and anything within a 10′ radius, with a rain cap that flows freely out the sides.

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