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Kind Words From Dave Anderson
Dave Anderson’s Old Southern BBQ

“The first Famous Dave’s got its start over 25 years ago — at the time we had the latest technology in smoking pits, but there have been many improvements in smoking pits and our new BBQ pits at Old Southern are the latest Championship Ole’ Hickory Pits from Missouri. They are used by the best pit masters in the country at national barbecue cookouts. We’re getting a deeper BBQ smoke flavor and I believe folks are able to immediately taste that authentic real pit smokehouse flavor.”

You can read the full article here
how Dave Anderson keeps a fast pace in development.

2018 King of the Smoker
King of the Smoker 2018

An amazing day at the final King of the Smoker BBQ Invitational.  This unique event has not been just about winning prizes for cooking great BBQ.  So much of the prize money over the last seven years has been given back to not only the Casey Lee Ball Foundation, which primary mission is to educate people about childhood kidney disease, research, and the importance of organ donation, but also an entire host of other charities, including to the Boston Children's Hospital.  Hats off to Sterling C Ball aka Big Poppa Smoker and his entire family not only for their personal charitable donations but for their inspiration to others to do likewise.

  500,000 Pounds and Counting!  
Just a quick note, in this season of giving thanks.
We thank all of you for the incredible part your company has played in our success over the last seven years. We just crested the 500,000 lb mark in regards to how much pork shoulder, brisket, ribs and chicken we've smoked on our model SSE. Here's to you! Your craftsmanship and making our bbq dreams come true.
Your biggest Canadian fans,
Much love,
Chef Steven Popp, Director of Memphis Fire Barbeque Company Inc.
On behalf of Lori, Linda and Stan Popp plus the entire 40 person MFBC crew

  Owner of 21-Year-Old Pit Looks Forward to 21 More Years!  
Ole Hickory Pits are heavy duty, super durable and built to last – and Arkansas owner Scott Stalker couldn't agree more. After our service team lent Scott a hand recently, he took the time to send us this nice note:

Dear Kevin and Will and all members of the Ole Hickory Staff:
Thank you all so much for all your help with our old smoker. It's seen a lot of good times over the last 21 years and with your help will hopefully see another 21. I'm sure I'll be in touch.
With best regards, Scott Stalker – Batesville, AR

  Ole Hickory Pits Team Members Pitch In  
Ole Hickory Pits first responders, Elizabeth and Alex Knight deliver emergency food supplies to Colorado flood victims. (Elizabeth is in the neon tennis shoes unloading food from Alex's truck). Check it out!

  Two Pits in Action in Canada  

Hi Margaret, Been a couple years since I seen you at the Catering Trade Show in Vegas.
Looked at the CTO there, then bought one for the Food Truck I was building. Alla done now and been on the streets in Calgary Alberta for a year. Attached are some photos. Also have a EL-ED/X I use at the Ranch for group catering. Love the Ole Hickory Pits.
On Behalf of Gus LeDuc, Lynnwood Ranch  – Okotoks, AB, Canada

Awesome Rig Gus! Good Luck in your Adventure!

   The Shed Featured on Food Network  

Congratulations to Brad and the crew at "The Shed" for their new hit television series!!

Chris Grager/Food Network

   Barbecuing Up a Birthday Bash!  

Most kids want a video game or a watch for their 13th, Hunter wanted Rib-a-palooza for his friends at his party. Not really sure why all the parents always want to stay….. ;-) Ribs ready to go in Liberace.
From Brad Simmons, Lucky Dog BBQ
Happy Birthday Hunter!

   Kentucky State BBQ Festival  

Margaret, we LOVE your support for the Kentucky State BBQ Festival. This is a great TV show. If you can't watch the whole thing, skip to 5:50 and watch a few minutes. (Ole Hickory Pits gets lots of play!)

   Big Apple Barbecue Block Party  

We were in New York at the "Big Apple Barbecue Block Party 2013" on June 7th thru 9th!! Check this out.!

  Mission BBQ Makes the News  

  Check out this link about our good friends at Mission BBQ on "FOX NEWS"


  Ole Hickory Pits Helps in Relief Efforts  
Ole Hickory Pits Deployed To Help Operation BBQ Relief In Moore, OK.

Our Hearts Go Out To All Those Affected.

  Volunteers Serve Tornado Victims  
— This article was in the Los Angeles Time on May 31, 2013.

Check Out the 
Full Story!

Smoked Bacon Pizza
Check it out!

From Richard Barrett (Custom Mobile Designs)



Nice Rig!


2 Willey's BBQ and Catering

Have had our Ole Hickory Smoker for 2 years this October. To say the least, a piece of equipment we could not be without. We have done all the basics , ribs, butts, chicken, brisket and turkey. Last January, I went to the whole Hog Extravaganza in Murphysboro. Unbelievable 2 days.! I spent my 2days watching the grand master of them all Mike Mills. Came back to Celina, Ohio, and told my son Kyle, we are going to do this. Called Kevin at the Ole Hickory, and told him I needed the specs to convert my EL-IB to do a whole hog. That very day got the specs, pics and every thing I needed to take care of my fabricator to make my smoker whole hog ready. In June, 2 Willys BBQ and Catering did 1st whole hog. The day before I called Mike Mills to be sure I had everything in order. Mike not only went over it again , gave me his cell number, and called next day to see how it went.!!!!!! Mike, I can not thank you enough for your time and help. Since then we have done 5 whole hogs and more on schedule. The last one  we did was for University of Northwestern, Ohio. We did 200 lbs of pulled pork and a whole hog, along with taking 67 doz buns. After 90 minutes we had 13 buns left, that was it. Am telling you, you want to get to the  finish line, Ole Hickory.! Ole Hickory Pit crew, Marget, Kevin, Mike and Amy Mills. Whole Hog Extravagenza.!!!!!

Have other pics of hogs we have done, if you would like to see, one was at a wedding.

Bill Menchhofer
2willysbbq and catering
Celina, OH.

Nice Piggies Bill.!!!


Bob Carter

 After I had retired from CSX (40 years), I was asked to go to a BBQ Competition with a friend of mine (Tony Mathis) to “help out”. We got to the competition, set up and started cooking. We were using a Ole Hickory pit and he showed me the difference between the “stick burners” and the simplicity, automation and consistency of the Ole Hickory Pit. Well, one thing lead to another, the fellowship of BBQ folks, the smell of the meats cooking and the “turn-in”... I was HOOKED! That was on March 3rd and on May 7th I bought a Ole Hickory EL-EDX on a trailer. Tony and I have competed in several event since then and recently placed fourth overall in an event in Jacksonville. We started a company to do fundraisers for churches, civic and athletic groups, We are called BBQFUNDRAISER.COM. We also signed up with Operation BBQ Relief for disaster relief if needed. I cook on the pit almost weekly, making my neighbors and family very happy. I couldn’t be happier with the Ole Hickory EL-EDX and yes, I am hooked. Attached is a picture of the pit in action.

Bob Carter

Another HOOKED Customer.!!
Good luck for you Bob.


Carold Copeland from Lousiana

"Margaret, 160 halves of chickens and 8 gallons of beans, Brutis did a great job!
I love my Ole Hickory EL EDX!" Carold Copeland
Great Job Carold!


Double Throw Down BBQ in Wylie, Texas

Check out these bad boy beef ribs I cooked Memorial Day on my Ole Hickory. Best beef rib I or anyone else around here ever ate! I don't know how you could screw up BBQ cooking on an Ole Hickory. Makes a hard job easy. I feel like I'm cheating when I cook with it, but that's OK.

Great Job Ken, They Look Delicious!!

Hillsdale Dining Service
May 4, 2012


Bill, As you know, last night we Inaugurated Me pit by serving our 1200 students Smoked BBQ Brisket. All I can say "THANK YOU"! It was a huge success. I followed your instructions on time and temperature and the brisket came out wonderful. We used wild cherry wood to smoke the brisket and our own home made rub on the 51 briskets we smoked. The flavor of the meat was fantastic with a prominent smoke ring. The students are still raving about the dinner even today.

Cooking with this pit is a dream. It does not require a seasoned professional to operate and cleanup was a snap. Bill, you have been great to work with and I have no problems recommending you, Kenny and Ole Hickory to anyone interested in purchasing a great smoker.

I attached some pictures for you to see our maiden voyage. Please let me know if you are ever in our area. You will always be welcome on Hillsdale's campus!

J. Kevin Kirwan
General Manager
Saga Inc dba Hillsdale Dining Service
Hillsdale College
Hillsdale. Michigan 49242

Brisket is done.!

Gotta Love That Blue Trailer!!


Twisted Pig BBQ

Four days after Joe Potter Opened his restaurant the "Twisted Pig BBQ" a food critic walked in and wrote this article in the "Myrtle Beach Restaurant News."
Way To Go Joe.!


Central BBQ

We want to thank the great folks at Central BBQ from Memphis, TN for the AWESOME lunch that Craig Blondis brought to us on Tuesday.
Everything was so delicious!!

Thanks again from your friends at Ole Hickory Pits!


Mike Mrva owner of Smokey Legends From New York With His New Baby!!

The Smoker in Action

Good Luck to you Mike.!!


Check out this kool link below from Barbeque Depo in Kiev, Ukraine. The video on the website shows their restaurant and their CTO in action!

Check This Out.!

Awesome Video.!!


BBQ Island

I am Rob Jackson I live in Pensacola Beach Florida. In June of 011 purchased preowned EL ED X. I've been smoking meat for most of my adult life. And I, used many different types of smokers. I'm a welder at International Paper Company, and for the past several years I've been smoking my product on the smoker that I built myself. I'm about 10 years from retiring and I've been doing a small bit of catering, it's what plan to do when I retire. To say that my Ole Hickory Smoker has changed my life in the last few months is an understatement It started last November when I saw an ad in the paper for a KCBS event called "Smokin In the Square" held downtown Pensacola. I, watched all the shows on TV about pitmaster's and know how competitive II Is. The event Coordinator tried to talk me out of entering the pro division and enter the backyard, but I wouldn't have any of that. A week before the event our local newspaper ran an snide about our team. We were on the front page and the front page of the food section. And In the background there It was my New-love, my EL ED X.

We placed 18th overall, there were 38 pro teams. On Friday night there was a seafood competition and we finished third. We also entered the "People's Choice", and We won it. Not bad for our first time out. I love my ole hickory smoker, It works flawless. It helps an amateur like me run with the big boys. The name of my catering business a. BBQ team is "BBQ Island"

Sea ya, Rob
Pensacola Beach Florida
check this out.!


Congratulations BBQ Island.!!


Joe Wright

From Tony Mathis:
Joe Wright has been cooking on the BBQ circuit for many, many years. He has many pits including some custom build units.
Joe is known for coming to competition with his "newest" purchase. Time and time and time again he has reconfigured  his smoker trailers with different combinations of pits. Time and time again he has walked away, over and over missing the elusive "Grand Champion" trophy. But, he has always kept trying.
Joe pulls his rings with one of the nicest RV buses that money can buy. He goes first class with everything he does. When he pulls into a competition, heads turn. All of the competitors know Joe. and like and respect him. He is one of the elders on the circuits, and has great reputation. He cooks KCBS, GBA, and FBA. He cooks many competitions.!
When his new EL-EC was delivered several of Joe's friends and employees showed up to  help. Charlie, one of Joe's employees had the drill out, and he was discussing with Joe how to mount the pit. where to drill the holes, etc. Joe turned to Charlie, and I will never forget his words. Joe told Charlie to "Weld it down!" Several folks laughed at Joe's comment, as they knew how often Joe changed cookers, trying new ways to win.
Not this time.! He told those laughing at him, "this one was staying" referring to EL-EC. The guy that cooks with him laughed, and said "yeah, right! we will see about that.!"
Joe had but two words for me. He told me to share this with everyone. Those two words????

Below is an email that Joe sent to Tony on February 26th.
"First cook( on the new OHP EL-EC ) two weeks ago in blackshear: took 3rd place ribs second cook this past weekend - 1st place ribs = grand, perry ga. first grand ever "  joe wright
Congratulations Joe!!
From your friends at Ole Hickory Pits.


Beaches Cafe'

The Port Aransas Boatmen Association is one of the country's oldest boating associations. This year they are celebrating 77 years In existence. This year will he the 77th annual Deep Sea Roundup, which Is the longest running and one of the largest fishing tournaments on the Gulf Coast. Unlike big money tourneys this one is for everyone with awards given to folks &all ages and for numerous onshore and offshore catches. Proceeds go to providing Scholarships to every graduating senior from Port AranSas High School. Beaches Cafe' was fortunate to cater and host their annual banquet. 85 folks attended unknown to them, I smoked a 70 lb dressed weight hog In addition to the menu of BBQ shrimp, Brisket Stuffed Poppers and Grilled Quail. This was my first hog after attending the Whole Hog Extravaganza. It was a HUGE success. They told me it was the best party with the best food that they've enjoyed in years!

Couldn't have done it without y'alls support and help. I've attached some photos, only wish I had taken more.

Bob Petitt

Congratulations Beaches Cafe'!!


Master's BBQ

Russ Lannom with Master's BBQ sent us these pictures of their two CTO's on this unique trailer.!
They are from Nashville, TN.
Nice Set-Up Russ!!


Lil' Mickey's in "GO! Magazine" that is in the St. Louis Post Dispatch Newspaper, MO

Way To "GO" Lil' Mickey's!!


Thanks Bob!!

We love these suckers!! Bob Suter owner of "Have Grill Will Travel" from Minneapolis, MN sent us this HUGE box of "See's" awesome chocolate suckers. Thanks again Bob!!


Our Smoker Arriving in New York City for Blue Smoke!

Joel Steiger General Manager of "Blue Smoke at Battery Park City" sent us these photos of their smoker arriving in New York City. He said, "We loved it and can't wait to start smoking on it!"
Happy Smoking!!


DoubleThrow Down BBQ

"I have attached a picture of the briskets I cooked Saturday.
Did the math on the stick of wood I put in at 8 PM Friday evening, I got 15 hours out of one piece. From 8 at night Friday evening till 5 Saturday morning when I finally put the briskets in, I still had over halt of stick left and as you can tell by looking at the picture, the briskets did not lack for smoke.
As good cooking hardwoods are more expensive in the Dallas area as they are not as common as they are In Oklahoma and North, my new Ole Hickory Pit is going to save me lots of money in cooking wood alone."
Talk to you soon

Ken Swayze
Double Throw Down BBQ
Wyile TX

Beautiful Briskets Ken.!!


What A Convoy!
Follow This Link To See An Awsome Fundraising Slideshow
With Taylor Farms Smokehouse LLC!