Hey y’all, we are excited that you will be using one of our smokers at Windy City Smokeout. We can’t wait to see you there! Please let us know if you have any questions or need anything before or during the event—we’re here to support you.

Social Media Guidelines

We’d love for you or your team to share and tag @olehickorypits on your social media channels at least once before, during and after the event.


To make it easy, we’ve come up with some posts that you can copy and paste or use as inspiration for your own. Always tag @olehickorypits in the text—it’s the easiest way for us to find and share your post.

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Leading up to Windy City Smokeout








During Windy City Smokeout:







Photo/Video Guides:
  • Close-up shot of cooked meat always gets attention and looks delicious
  • Show the smoker with the doors open loaded up with cooked meat
  • Team photo or photo of BBQ family in front of the Ole Hickory Pits smoker—logo visible if possible
  • Cutting cooked meat or prepping meat in front of the Ole Hickory Pits smoker—logo visible if possible
  • Action shots of Ole Hickory Pits being opened, loaded or un-loaded
  • Showing off cooked meat in front of Ole Hickory Pits—logo visible if possible
Photo Examples



Use these hashtags (Add your own too!):

#olehickorypits #bbq #windycitysmokeout #barbecueatyourbest


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