BBQ Pro Shop Combo Pack

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Can’t make it to your Christmas gathering this year? Neither will this combo pack but that does not mean you can’t deck out the barbecuer in your life with this premium accessory gift pack. Buy now and it will be delivered around New Years “Who Doesn’t Love getting presents after Christmas?” to kick off 2021 in style…goodbye to 2020. We are Working Diligently with @UPSStoreNorthPole but cannot promise our Free shipping options can make it in time. If you do need it sooner please feel free to call our office at 800-223-9667 and we would be happy to try and help if we can.

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Leather Patch Hat


Leather Patch Apron

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Combo Pack includes:

1-Pro Shop Leather Patch Hat

1-Pro Shop Leatch Patch Apron

1-Seasoning Sample Pack
(includes 1 All Purpose, 1 Sweet Purpose, 2 Cock-A-Doodle Dooster, 1 Pepper All)

1-Sauce Sample Pack
(Includes 1 Mustard 2.0, 2 Competition Glaze, 1 Apple Q)

1-12″x18″ Chicken Wing Basket

1-16″x26″ Chicken Wing Basket

1-12″ Rib Rack

2-Coffee Cups