Memphis In May Photo Submissions

Send us a photo of what your smokin’ and we’ll drop off a picture at the event.

Any time this week, just send us a picture of your meat in the smoker (along with your Memphis in May booth number) and we’ll print it out and bring it to you at the event. That way when people walk up and ask what you’re cooking, you can show them a picture instead of opening your pit and letting all that precious smoke escape.

And get this: you don’t even have to be an Ole Hickory Pits customer. We want your kettle pics, your barrel photos, your big egg snapshots β€” whatever ya got, we’ll take it! See y’all in Memphis 🎸


  1. Fill out the below information and Drag and Drop an image into the photo submission tab.
  2. We’ll drop off a photo for you at your booth during the event.
  3. Thats it!


    If you have a file larger than 5OMB please use a service such as WeTransfer or FileMail and send to