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Rotisserie Will Not Turn

Rotisserie Will Not Turn

​If the rotisserie stops turning, the 6-amp rotisserie breaker may need to be reset. This breaker is located in the side compartment, right behind the switches and gauges, on the end loader models. On the side loader models it is inside the compartment behind the switches and gauges, near the drive motor. The breaker that has the wires connected to it is the one that needs to be reset. Flip the white toggle lever the other direction to reset the breaker. There should be another new, spare breaker installed on the same bracket. If the first breaker keeps tripping, unplug the wires and reconnect them to the spare breaker.

Rotisserie Will Not Turn

It is important to load product onto the shelves evenly. While loading product, loading one shelf and then advancing the rotisserie to load product on the shelf opposite of the first one will help to balance out the load. The most extreme load on the rotisserie is when one set of shelves is loaded completely. Once the shelves are loaded evenly, the rotisserie will be balanced and will reduce the load on the drive motor.

If resetting the 6 amp rotisserie breaker does not make the rotisserie turn, check to see that the belt is not broken. If the belt is broken, a replacement can be found at an auto parts store. The most common size belt is a number 4L320. Some of the larger pits may use a 4L360.

You may contact our service department to obtain a replacement belt.

Rotisserie Does not Stop

If the rotisserie does not stop when the cooking chamber doors are opened, the door switch button may be stuck in. The door switch button should pop out when the doors are opened. Clean this button by spraying WD40 around the sides of the button. This should help it to move freely. If the foot switch cord becomes damaged, causing the wires to touch together inside the insulation, this will also cause the rotisserie to keep turning when the cooking chamber doors are opened. If this happens, the cord will need to be replaced.

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