Belt Replacement

Caution: Make sure the power cord is unplugged and be careful not to get your fingers caught in the belt.

If the belt between the drive motor and the gear reducer needs to be replaced this can be done by hand and generally does not require any tools.

The belt size is a 4L320 for the following models: EL, EL-EC, EL-ES, EL-IB, EL-ED, EL-EW, SSM, SSG, SSL, or SSE.

The belt size is a 4L360 or 4L380 for models SSJ-AE, SSJ, SSO, or SRO.

To remove the old belt, pull the belt off of the edge of the large pulley and rotate the pulley by hand. This should allow the belt to come off.

To install the new belt, put the belt into the smaller pulley on the drive motor and stretch it up to the edge of the large pulley. By rotating the large pulley, the belt should snap into place.

Belt replacement

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