Racks Crooked


In the event the racks get uneven or out of parallel, they can be reset so they are level again. The spoke arms are held in place by a keyless bushing called a transtorque. This is a two piece assembly that creates the friction to hold the spoke arm tight to the shaft. Using a big crescent wrench or a 2" open end wrench, loosen the smaller nut enough so the spoke arm will rotate on the shaft. When the arms are both aligned, tighten the smaller nut to around 190 ft lbs of torque. You can step back and make sure the rack hangers in the back are parallel with the shaft and the door opening. It does not matter which side is moved and the threads on both sides are right hand threads (COUNTER CLOCKWISE TO LOOSEN AND CLOCKWISE TO TIGHTEN). It is not recommended to use a pipe wrench. This can cause the smaller nut to be egg shaped and not let it turn enough to loosen.

The most common cause for this to happen is loading meat on the shelves incorrectly. Letting the meat hang over the edges can cause it to slide off the shelves and cause the racks to dump. It is best not to load the largest cuts of meat on the top shelf.

The other cause for this is if the main shaft gets an accumulation of grease. This reduces the amount of clearance between the shaft and the racks, and can cause the shelves to dump.

After loading product in the pit you should run the rotisserie a couple of turns with the foot advance while watching to see that there is proper clearances.