Smoke Evacuator Operation

Smoke Evacuator (Automatic/Push Button)
(optional equipment)


The purpose of the smoke evacuator system is to remove the smoke directly from the cooking chamber, preventing smoke from entering the kitchen or food processing area when the doors are opened. This allows the operator to add or remove product in a relatively smoke-free environment.


The smoke evacuator system is activated automatically when the cooking chamber doors are opened and remains on until the doors are closed. The operator may choose to begin the process by pressing the manual push button briefly before opening the doors.


The smoke evacuator system is made of up four basic components:
1. The switch
2. The powered damper assembly
3. The 10" diameter duct
4. The centrifugal upblast exhaust fan
Items 1 and 2 are sold by Ole Hickory Pits as optional equipment. Items 3 and 4 are purchased by the customer.