Rotisserie Won't Turn

EL Series

The rotisserie circuit has a 6 amp circuit breaker to protect the components in the event that the shelves accidentally dump or something causes the racks to jam. The 6 amp breaker is designed to stop the rotisserie preventing damage to the components.

If the rotisserie stops turning, check the shelves and rack hangers to make sure nothing has jammed. Turn the power to the smoker “OFF” and remove the service panel. Look at the belt to make sure it isn’t broken. Locate the 6 amp rotisserie breaker that has the wires connected to it. The other breaker without any wires is a spare breaker. Flip the white toggle lever on the breaker and check to see if the rotisserie will turn.

EL Series

The breakers are inside the side cabinet just behind the switches and instruments.

SS Series

The breakers are located inside the end compartment on the same end as the switches and instruments.

SSJ Series

The breakers are inside the cabinet that houses the drive motor and gear reducer. This is on the side of the smoker about halfway back from the front.