Leading the Industry

The next generation of technology in smokers is here.

When it comes to slow cooking your product to perfection, a low temperature and smoke are essential. Whether you smoke with charcoal, gas or wood, Ole Hickory Pits are scientifically designed to evenly circulate heat and smoke. This patented Convecture™ technology ensures consistent product results and maximizes the pit’s efficiency. 

Maintaining a stable temperature also enables your product to retain more of its natural juices.
These are key results that champion circuit teams and successful restauranteurs and caterers expect – and get – thanks to our industry-leading technology.

From our Ultra Que smoker oven with eight square feet of cooking space to model SSE with 75 square feet, we manufacture 14 smokers that are equipped with our patented Convecture technology. These pits are perfect for backyard barbecue fans to entrepreneurs serious about the business of barbecue and every level of barbecue enthusiast in between.

Give us a call today at 800-223-9667 and let's talk about what you expect out of a pit and how Ole Hickory Pits can deliver it.

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