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Ole Hickory PitsBarbeque At YOUR Best
For orders outside of the US,
please call 1-800-223-9667

And The Surveys Are In!

Several Ole Hickory Pits owners have responded to their Customer Service Surveys with wonderfully positive remarks. We appreciate every one  of them and would like to acknowledge their input. When asked,

1.     Was your service issue addressed in a reasonable amount of time?

         All responded with - A. Excellent

2.     Were you treated in a professional and helpful manner?

        All responded with – A. Excellent

3.     Were you satisfied with the way in which your service issue was handled?

        All responded with – A. Excellent

    Additional comments included: Kevin worked with me to resolve the problem; Kevin is worth his weight in gold; Great service – Thanks; The excellent & speedy service I received is exactly the reason I chose Ole Hickory (Pits); Thanks for your great service; Love it all!; You all do a great job!; Kevin was great to work with!; I tell all my customers about the pit. We are happy to have it. Very good service; As always, you guys went above the call of duty to get me up and running! THANKS!; Wonderful service :); Best warranty service I received from Kevin, from any company even, Thank you.; Ole Hickory has been nothing less than magnificent when assisting with our problem!; Kevin, you all do a great job working with us to resolve our problem-ThankYou!; I will buy my next smoker from you. Your customer service is outstanding, good ole Missouri hospitality!; I am a big cheerleader for OHP,
can't imagine buying another brand!; Very helpful over phone. He answered all questions-Thanks!; Great job-knowledgeable staff. Thanks for all your help.; Everyone was helpful. Thanks; Service Mgr. talked me through the process. Easy as pie!; Thanks for the fast fix and shipping; I have never had a problem with Ole Hickory's Service; Kevin was a great help.; Quick service on a replacement part and helpful guidance to self install; You have a great company. Thanks.; TK is Da Bomb!; Thanks for getting us back cooking.;We were very pleased with the speed and professionalism exhibited by Ole Hickory. Thanks guys.; Parts arrived on time and quickly.; Thank you for all your help.; Great. Thank you for helping us.; AKG is a top notch svc. co.!; Thanks for covering the part (thermometer). I'll replace it myself. Thank you for your help!; Thank you for the quick response!; Thank you for quickly taking care of this issue.;  Very helpful, great service!; You guys are great!  If anyone asks me about my pit, I tell them OHP is the only way to go!;

    Thanks to the following: Bird Dog BBQ (SSE), 4T’s BBQ & Catering (CTO), Jackson’s LLC (CTO), Central BBQ (CTO), Admiral Express Office Supply (CTO), Jerome Morgan (EL-EC), Camden Car Wash (CTO), Country Cafe (EL-ED/X), The Rex (CTO), National BBQ News (EL-EC), Red Bridges BBQ (CTO), Billy Buck's Smokehouse (EL-EDX), Rick Hartwig (EL-EDX), Deet's BBQ (CTO), Dierberg's-Edwardsville (EL-ED/X), Tom Emmons (EL-EC), Anthony Martino (CTO), Blue Tractor Cook Shop (CTO), Dickey's BBQ (CTO), Hoodville Smoke (CTO), Country Cousins (SSJ), Willie Wilson (CTO), BBQ'n Fools Catering LLC (CTO), HRS Woodfield (CTO), Three Little Pigs (SSE), Piggy's BBQ (EL-IB), Dickey's BBQ (CTO, EL-ES), Rowdy's Smokehouse (EL-IB), Sonny's Real Pit BBQ (CTO), Three Little Pigs (SSE), HRS Woodfield (CTO), Midway BBQ (EL-ED/X), Dilligaf Ranch (CTO), Atlas BBQ (SSG), Dickerson's Down Home Bakery (EL-EC), My Place BBQ (SSM), Smokin J's BBQ (CTO), Country Club Restaurant (EL-EC), Charley's BBQ (EL-EC), Moe's Original (SSE), Brant Fastnacht (EL-IB), Rollin Rump BBQ (EL-IB), Stokley's BBQ (CTO), Bone Yard BBQ (EL-IB), Holiday Market (EL-ED/X), Ace's BBQ (CTO), Doc's BBQ (EL-IB), SanTan Brewing Co (CTO), Doug Matz (CTO), Rib Crib (EL), Dickey's BBQ (EL-ED/X), Road Hawg BBQ (CTO), Salvage BBQ (CTO)


We Are So HAPPY that You Love Your Ultra Que!!
Good Luck To You!


Another Satified Customer!
Thanks, Cody





Your service is second to none! 
Just wanted to say thanks to Kevin in the service department.  YOU SAVED ME     I was getting ready to start cooking for a   restaurant in St.  Louis Friday afternoon  3/23/2012 at 3:00 PM.   Turned the pit on and the burner would not ignite.  In a panic I called Kevin, he immediately diagnosed the problem and gave me the parts number at Granger Supply.  Picked up the part and had the pit going by 5:00.  Your service after the sale is the best.   Kevin,    I can't thank you enough for your expert advise .  
Ole Hickory Pits  are the best!!!  

Thanks  Mike Sperl   Fenton, Mo.
Thanks for the kind words Mike!





My recent purchase of an Ole hickory pits Model EL - ED - X to my Vestal NY home has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Only wish I did it years sooner.   I have been cooking BBQ for over 15 years and extremely busy in the summer months.   I have 4 smokers that I use for different kinds of Smoke cooking.   The last two days I have been cooking all my meat variations on an Ole Hickory Pits and have exceeded my expectation for flavor, moisture, ease of use.  I can only dream of cooking chicken, ribs, butts as good as it has done and that's on my first try.   I can't thank you enough for your expertise, friendly service, and offering the best cookers on the market.  I'm looking forward to warmer weather and an opportunity to use this device throughout the summer.




   Mike Mrva

   Vestal NY

Thanks Mike and Good Luck to you!


 We Appreciate Your Loyalty, Lawrence! 


Contact Information

Name: Lawrence Hackney
Company: The Wood Pit Barbecue
Type Of Business: Barbecue
Phone: 9176550953
Email: lawrence@thewoodpit.com
Address: 108 Bloomfield Ave
City: Montclair
State: NJ
Zip: 07042
Where did you hear about us?: Online
Questions / Comments: Kevin, It's now been over three years that The Wood Pit has had our two CTO Smokers, I want to say Thank you and the Ole Hickory Staff for the help in making us the best Barbecue in New Jersey, Google(Best Barbecue in NJ) We are number one becuse we use The Number One Smoker On The Market. Thanks

Thanks from your friends at Ole Hickory Pits!




gary cameron [mailto:mexfatboy@columbus.rr.com]
Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 5:32 PM
To: Kevin Kessel
Subject: Re: RE:


Went to our first rib cook off this past weekend in Lima Ohio...we came in 2nd for People's Choice behind the guy who's won it four years in a row. Local guy grilling on charcoal. Go figure. There were three other vendors there with Southern Pride pits...they may have sold more than us but we had better food...

Gary Cameron

Fatboys BBQ LLC


GoldMedalBBQ@aol.com [mailto:GoldMedalBBQ@aol.com]
Sent: Monday, August 16, 2010 9:00 AM
To: Margaret Wiggins
Cc: bbqkrazy@yahoo.com
Subject: Ole Hickory Success Story


Good Morning,


You may be interested in learning more about a young couple who have developed quickly from just getting involved in bbq to winning three Grand Championships this year already. 


Sabrina and Bubba Knapp live in Ottumwa, IA.  Currently they own an Ole Hickory SSE and a SDLX.  The SSE is on the deck of a 34 ft. gooseneck that they finished out on the inside themselves. 


This is a link to the website  http://www.bubba-qs.com/Catering.html and Bubba's email address is shown above. 


They have just announced that they are opening up a bbq restaurant in Ottumwa, IA.  I think they plan on servicing the restaurant with the SSE and they will put the SDLX on the competition trailer. 


Super people and great ambassadors for Ole Hickory equipment.  I thought you would enjoy getting a chance to know more about them and their bbq adventures.


Jumpin' Jim


From: GoldMedalBBQ@aol.com [mailto:GoldMedalBBQ@aol.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2010 7:41 AM
To: Beverly Looney
Subject: CTO Success

Good Morning,


Thought I would report on how it is going for a recent buyer of the new style CTO from me. 


First time out he got a category call and finished 10th out of 60 teams.  Some practice, but mostly emails back and forth discussing technique.  We called it bench cooking. 


Second time out he took Reserve Grand Champion out of 52 teams.  There was some very tough competition at the contest.  He was beaten only by one of the best cooks in the nation. 


He now calls the CTO his "Battle Droid."  And was especially pleased that the cooker held temperature for 16 hours, using only two large bags of K charcoal.  Other cooks commented that the CTO seemed to perform the same of if not better than a cooker equipped with a guru device.  His success seems to support the value of the added competition features including the opening in the cooker door, the variable speed convection fan and the large charcoal basket. 


He continues on by indicating that he received many comments regarding the CTO with emphasis on the ease of use, the reliability, the capacity and especially the look of it sitting out on the ramp door of his trailer. 


He closes by indicating how much he enjoyed his success when cooking against stick burners, WSM's. Backwoods, and even the Pellet Heads.  He regrets not being able to "bring it" to the Pellet Heads this weekend at the LPQue 2 BBQ Championship. 


He thanks me for providing him with such an awesome cooker.  I responded that I was just the middle man and that the real thanks should go to those at Ole Hickory for the design and construction of this great pit. 


So I am passing his thanks on to where it belongs!!  But adding my thanks to his. 


Jumpin' Jim

Our Thanks To You Jim!

 -----Original Message-----

From: Wayne Barker [mailto:anatman33@yahoo.com]

Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2010 7:27 AM

To: Beverly Looney

Subject: Re: FW: Ole Hickory Pits - Contact Us


Hi Beverly,


...BTW... I was quite skeptical about the amount of wood I needed to use to produce a nice smoker flavor and smoke ring, this unit is amazing!  I'm so used to an all wood burning smoker/cooker and constantly feeding it wood.  I love setting the temp and time and not having to worry about it.  The hold feature is great too.  No worries!  Now I have time to work on preparing sides and sauces without being interupted to add wood to my old unit...

 Thanks again,


Wayne Barker

Thanks for the kind words, Wayne - We appreciate it!

 Tony Lackey of Food Giant, Sikeston, MO, is shown picking up one of two fully loaded trailers that they recently purchased to place in stores in Mississippi and Alabama. Food Giant, which is headquartered in Sikeston, MO, operates nearly 100 stores in the Midwest and South.  Tony said they needed to add these pits to their fleet of Ole Hickory Pits smokers because of the increased volume in their Deli Department.

"We’ve made enough to pay for the pit in less than a month of use.  We do $9,000 - $10,000 in smoked meat sales each week."

Food Giant, You Rock!



From: Michael Crowder [mailto:michaelcrowder1955@gmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, January 02, 2010 7:52 PM
To: Margaret Wiggins
Subject: Ole Hickory Pits in Nixa, MO

Chain Gang BBQ opened their serving window on New Year’s Eve serving ’cue from our Ole Hickory Pits Tri-Convecture. Without a dime spent in advertising, we actually sold out of product on our third day in business. So despite deep freeze weather and the New Year things went great.

Hats off to you guys at Ole Hickory Pits for making a cooker that really does let you do "barbeque at your best" and our customers love that juicy, tender and smoke kissed BBQ we’re serving up.

Next time you and David are in my neck of the woods, stop by for lunch or dinner.
Congrats Michael & Thanks For Your Kind Words!


  ...And The Son Becomes The Teacher!!!

Happy Holidays!!!  Enclosed is a picture of my son, Todd, and youngest grandkid, Jenna, after winning a Rib Award at their very first BBQ contest - this year’s BBQlossal in DesMoines.

In fact, his ribs beat my ribs - which really made me even prouder.  Not much experience and cooking for the first time on a CTO.  Thanks for building such a user friendly cooker.

:-) JJ (Jumpin Jim Woodsmall)

Congratulations Urban Q Boys.  Can’t Wait To See What You Do At Your Next One!  



Contact Name: Mike (Stick) Herring  
Company Name: General Porktitioners
Email: ppsticky@netscape.net
Address: 27 Patrick Rd., Fayetteville, Tn. 37334
Phone: 9314384463
Where did you hear about us? Competitions
Type of Business: Vending & Catering
Comments:  David & All Employees,

To begin with it was Great seeing you and meeting Bill at Jack Daniels Cookoff this year. I also made good use of the gift you dropped off with me. Thanks very much!I’m writing today to again let you know how pleased I am with your product. I never knew when Margaret sold me my cooker why I had purchased the cook and hold feature. I’ve had my pit for 6&1/2 years and had never used it. Well Thanksgiving morning I found out it was well worth the money. I had a load of Turkeys and Hams on and at 3 am all was well. I decided I would take another short nap until 5 am when it would be time to pull everything off. Well at 5 when I opened the door to go out I immediately knew something was wrong. Sure enough when I got to the pit my temp was dropping like a rock. Now I started to panic where was I going to find a pit on Thanksgiving morning at 5 am. Which one of my friends was I going to wake up? Then it hit me. I’ve got cook and hold that operates off of a different thermostat. I hastily switch to cook and hold and the burner started immediately. I pulled the side panel off and gradually changed the factory pre-set from 150 until I reached my desired cooking temp. In 45 minutes I was back to temp and all was well. My customers never knew how close they came to eating fast food for their holiday.

Your cookers are without a doubt the best on the market. Your service department (if you should ever need it) is second to none. It’s Great to know I can call Kevin and he can immediately look on the computer at my pit and know exactly what parts were used on my pit. He has always been able to answer any questions I’ve had even though I am not asking them, but in a laymans way.My pit has always been used as a mobile operation. I have drug it all over the southeast in 6&1/2 years and never replaced anything until last month. My rotisierie motor which was damaged because of dirt dobbers and know the thermostat which I’m sure was because of weather exposure.I think every American owned business should adopt your business model. Great products built by World Class Employees backed by World Class Service and Sales. The American public would not be dealing with bail-outs if other businesses were to operate on your model.

Thanks again and hope to see you soon. I’m saving my pennies to buy a CTO for my competition cooking.

Thanks Stick, for your glowing testimonial. We truly appreciate it! 



I just want to drop you a quick note of appreciation for such a fine product I recently competed in the American Royal BBQ Invitational & Open division, Thanks to Ole Hickory this was my first year competing at the Royal. I have been using the ultra Que for about six months now and have consistently improved each time.


 I was able to place 29th overall in the Invitational and in the open division I place 8th in Ribs and 51st overall, Thank you for building such a fine product.


Glenn Jarrett

She Thinks My Slabs R Sexy BBQ Team

Tomball, TX 77375

We Think Your Ribs Are Sexy Too, Glenn!  Congrats!


 Contact Name: Big Tom    

Company Name: Performance Sales and Marketing

Email: bigtom@bigtom.org

Address:  PO Box 684

Wake Forest, NC 27587

Phone: 919 349 7874

Where did you hear about us? internet

Type of Business: fundraising


My Ole Hickory EL-ED Barbecue Pit ran nonstop from 9AM Thursday to 5PM Friday. Temperature stayed on 225 degrees for 32 contineous hours! I smoked 1065 pounds of pork and had some record breaking chopped barbecue. Thanks Ole Hickory for a wonderful pit. See all the details at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/tprice1?ref=name   



Customer Service Survey

Great effort in trying to resolve (the) problem. - Butch Russell - EL Owner

Excellent Service - Jubilee Creations - CTO Owner

Your rub is killer!!  Thanks guys. - Wild Bill (Bill Agne) - CTO Owner

Excellent communication with factory technician.  Knew how to address the problem - Rock River Ribs - CTO Owner

This is a great pit.  I have always wanted a small commerical pit. - Donny Jones - CTO Owner

It has been very easy to call and ask questions to resolve issues. - The Chef Hog BBQ Co. - EL-IB Owner

Good professional service.  Thank you. - Art Alba, Village Market - CTO Owner

Kevin has always helped me with all three of my cookers. Thanks - Wayne Abrams - Wayne’s Body Shop - CTO Owner

Kevin took care of this matter for me and was very helpful explaining things over the phone - Rue Johnson - CTO Owner

You guys are wonderful.  Thanks for your prompt assistance!! - Smoke & Spice - EL-ED/X Owner

Kevin did a great job.  Give him a pay raise!!! - Cowboy’s Kitchen - CTO Owner

Thanks so much for all of your wonderful comments! 




 We just competed in the Cattlemen’s Ozark BBQ Challenge, a KCBS sanctioned event and received our first call in Ribs using our Ole Hickory Pit Convecture cooker. We came in at 9TH Place breaking a string of finishing outside of the top 10 so far this year.

I can also tell you that this cooker was like a classic Corvette at the cook-off. A ton of people and competitors alike were wanting the low down on my stainless steel beauty. And that included two teams that already own larger models manufactured by Ole Hickory. You might even get an order out of the deal.





 The Convecture cooker works GREAT!!!

Kind words from another satisfied customer.  Thanks Mike!






Hi Margret,
Thanks for getting my pit ordered and delivered so quickly, I met Bill & Barbara Milroy of Texas Rib Rangers at the New Mexico Pork & Brew.  He saw how I was staying up all night cooking the old and hard way.  He showed me his (Ole Hickory)Pits, the EL-EDX,  and I could not believe what I saw.  The ribs he cooked were the best I ever tasted. I quickly placed my order and my life started to change when Penny called and said Lynn was on the way with the pit. I had the pit loaded with Pork two hours after it was delivered for a event I had scheduled.  Three weeks later I had the pit on a trailer and the Rib Shack was built and life is so easy, I get sleep at night while the pit is smokin’.  Thank for helpin’ out a Carolina Boy.

Chef Charles



 Glad to help you out Chef Charles!!

Contact Name: Craig Olson
Company Name: Ray’s Grocery & Market
Email: raysgrocery@gmail.com
1117 W. Walker St.
Texas 76424
Phone: 254-559-2341
Where did you hear about us? Current Customer
Type of Business: Retail Grocery / BBQ Take Out
I just want to send out a big "thank you" to Margaret and the rest of the Ole Hickory Pits crew.  We’ve been running our SSG 14-20 hours a day, 6 days a week since we rolled it off the truck, and it hasn’t missed a lick yet.  Our BBQ is better than ever and our customers are loving every bite!  Our SSG is by far one of the best investments we have made in our business!  Keep up the good work!  

  Thanks Craig!!






And They Just Keep Coming!    
Contact Name: Marv Tuter

 Company Name: Marv’s Marvlus Pit Bar-B-Q Inc

Email: marvsbbq@marvsbbq.com

Address: 3244 75th AVE SE, Olympia, WA 98501

Phone: 360-459-7729

Where did you hear about us? current customer

Type of Business: Catering

Comments:  I just wanted to say that I have had my EL/EDX tralier mounted unit for 2 seasons now and wonder how in the world I ever got along without it for so many years.

MY other pits (Brand X) are of absoutley no comparrison to the quality of pit, quality of food and ease of use that my Ole Hickory Pit gives me.

I have had my EL/EDX loaded at diffferent times with 30 huge 26 lb turkeys, 40 Prime ribs weighing 30 lbs each, 22 fresh 25 lb hams and many, many other items that all came off the Ole Hickory Pit tasting smoky & moist like no other pit could produce.

With only a couple of minor issuses in the begining of ownership, I have had absoutley no trouble with my EL/EDX...it ran flawlessly.

Thank you to the entire team at Ole Hickory Pits...you make an OUTSTANDING pit!!


Thanks so much, Marv, for your glowing comments! 






Contact Name: Bryan Schaerer
Company Name: Smoke’n B’s BBQ
Email: cherylschaerer@yahoo.com
668 3rd Street, Tracy City, TN 37387
Phone: 931-924-7383
Where did you hear about us? bbq magazine
Type of Business: bbq

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Kevin in svc and the rest of the staff at Ole Hickory Pits to say a big THANK YOU for all the help we have gotten with our new smoker.....


Contact Name: Chad Lewman

Company Name: Iron Pig Inc

Email: ironpiginc@yahoo.com



1421South Dewey, Wagoner, Oklahoma 74467

Where did you hear about us? Internet

Type of Business: Restaurant


Nothing but perfection in the cooker. Quality is second to none. Staff is something most companies only dream about. thanks for all the great service and outstanding product

Thanks So Much Chad!! 



   Cullen Case Sent This Great E-Mail  

From: Cullen Case [mailto:cmcase@johnsonsales.us]
Sent: Monday, June 09, 2008 10:12 AM
To: swigcds@bellsouth.net; Beverly Looney; Penny Bowers
Subject: Convectioneer Tri Cooker

Hi all ,my smoker arrived Friday (3 minutes late by the wayJ). It is now mounted on my trailer and I’ve smoked 18 racks of ribs in it and it is great! Thanks for all your good service! You did everything you said you were going to do and you did it on time with a great piece of equipment! What more can I say!!





Thanks for the kind words!


 Randy Robinett of R Butts R Smokin’ had these kind words to say after winning Grand Champion at this year’s 2008 Great American Barbecue Contest In Kansas City! 

...I just wanted to let you know that since we bought the CTO last year we have cooked in four competitions and have placed in the top 10 in each competition. That also includes winning the Great American BBQ Open Contest held this past weekend in Kansas City. We beat out 224 other teams from across the nation. Just wanted to say thanks for everything.

Randy Robinett

Congratulations R Butts R Smokin’! Way To Go!   


Mike Emerson of Pappy’s Smokehouse was featured in this month’s issue of Sauce Magazine
Click here to


 Sonny Bade Wins Grand Champion With UltraQue

April 23, 2008

Ole Hickory Pits

333 N. Main St.

Cape Girardeau, MO 63701-7205


Dear Margaret:


In the BBQ competition world, we are always looking for that little nitch which hopefully will give the edge over our competition.  I believe the cook is 40%, the pit 40% and the other 20% is pure luck that the judges like what you cook.


When the two 40% factors do not exist then the luck factor greatly increases.  I firmly believe that the recent purchase of my UltraQue is reason to believe the pit factor exceeds the 40% and hopefully increases the luck factor.


I have built my own pits, have bought pits made in Indiana and Texas, but nothing compares to the UltraQue.


I did extensive research before this purchase to hopefully find the pit that was compact, efficient and attractive.  The propane only option allows us to cook competition desserts.  The gas and wood combination allows patio grilling and the charcoal basket for competition.


With the addition of the larger charcoal basket, this extends the cooking time for some ten (10) hours at 210° with only the fan and charcoal.  I have added an 800-watt inverter to my toy hauler, which allows me to operate the blower for some 6 to 8 hours without starting the generator.


The most amazing thing about the UltraQue is the consistent cooking temperature.  I have had meat on all three racks and monitored with my Pro-Com 4 Guru and the temperature only varies 2 to 3 degrees between all four probes.


The third time I used the UltraQue, I won Grand Champion and hoping the first two times were learning curves.


I would like to thank Ole Hickory Pits and their employees for a fine product and a job well done.




D.E. “Sonny” Bade

Cactus Flat Cooker
 San Antonio, Texas

Way To Go Sonny!!



"The Legend" Mike Mills shares his view on great barbecue.  Don’t Miss It!

Click here to watch!


My pit has made my job so much easier and your service is second to none.  Keep up the excellent work.

Thanks, Marshel Gray,

Pack Saddle BBQ, San Angelo, TX

Thank you, Marshel,  for the "AAA"s on our Customer Service Survey!




 I bought a Legend in July. Strange sounds started coming from the motor prompting me to call your service department. I received immediate attention, with your service replacing the motor. Your Service Manager is absolutely super, and the service at home was something to brag about. With other service departments, as they are now, it is really something to get actual wonderful service such as I received. Sevice after the sale is important, and is wonderfully alive at Ole Hickory. This is very important to me. Thanks for being quick to respond, and for being absolutely super. It is appreciated.

Bob Yeates, Principal School Teacher

Dardenne Prairie, Missouri

Thanks so much, Bob!  You’re A+ in our books too!





I want to thank Ole Hickory Pits for making The Wood Pit a big success here in the NJ BBQ wasteland. We have been open since October 5th with much fan fare; I want to especially mention Kevin Kessel, who has given a level of customer service not seen much anymore. Our two smokers make us taste GOOD,

Again thank you OLE HICKORY PITS


Lawrence Hackney

Montclair, NJ

Check-Out the reviews










Thank you, Lawrence!  You’re A Gem!





I wanted to show some ofour smoker pictures here in california. We currently own 3 of the SSE Models. Two in house and one on a trailer. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks.

Frisella’s Roastery,

 La Verne California

Frisella’s Rocks!  Thanks For The Compliments!




  We at The Blu Pig are very happy and appreciate the great service!  Very fast & professional service.

Keith McAnally

Mountain Home, AR

Thanks, Keith.  We Appreciate You Too.  Thanks For The Kind Words! 



Kevin has been very helpful with our warranty issues.

Santa Fe Station Casino/Salt Lick

Glad To Be Of Service To You! 

Hi, Happy Monday;

Well, the competition is overwith, and we managed to place with our pork and rib turn-ins - which were the two meats we cooked on the Ole Hickory! What a great cooker! We are very impressed, and have already started talking about next year’s competitions using this great cooker!

Please let Margaret and Kevin know of our success with the CTO, and our great pleasure in using it for the first time!

Looking forward to advising you of future wins - with the help of the CTO!!

Have a great day,

Adrienne & Aaron Ross

Smokin’ in the Igloo BBQ Team Canada

Congratulations Adrienne & Aaron!! 



Hi Margaret,


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your help in making my purchase of my new Ole Hickory Pit a VERY easy one.

I have my new pit for 3 weeks now and have used it many times for my catering business. The quality and consistency of the end product is without a doubt...outstanding!!

I have yet to use it to it’s full capacity but I have certainly enjoyed what it has done for me thus far.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Marv Tuter, Owner/Operator

Marv’s Marvlus Pit Bar-B-Q INC.
Olympia, WA 98501



   Marv, We Think You’re Marvulus Too! 






Thanks to all of the Ole Hickory personnel that came to the L.P. Que in Mt. Pleasant Iowa.  I enjoyed visiting with you and your service guys helped me get a few extra degrees out of my CTO.   We are already looking forward to next year’s event, where I may have to add a second CTO and mount them permanently on a trailer.  


I was really pleased with the cooker, getting 1st place brisket, 3rd overall, and winning over $5k on a pit I’ve only fired up prior to the contest 3 times is testament to how easy it is to use. 


Thanks Again

Mike Wozniak


Champions, Champions...Everywhere You Look!  GO QUAU!


Just wanted to say thanks for all the support shown and all the gifts that were given at the LP Que contest. Kevin was helpful as always with tech questions and it was good to chat with Margaret and David. Although we didn’t do to well as a first time competitor it was nice to be able to compete the way the cooker was designed cook.

Again Thank You

Bill Sr.

RiverCity BBQ

Bill Hansen, Sr. - Pit Master

Glad To Be Of Service, Bill!  Thanks For The Kind Words!



 Click Here To View Our Newest Slide Show Featuring

A Joy Wallace Catering Company At The Super Bowl!


Dick Wallace of A Joy Wallace Catering e-mailed in the following:


We thought you would like to see your smokers in action.  We threw 2 tailgate parites for the Super Bowl this year, one for Cadillac for 600 people and one for the Super Bowl Host Committee for 2,200 people.


I am happy to say we received rave reviews and your smokers added greatly to our success.


Tell your crew that our crew loves their equipment!


Congratulations Dick!  Those Ribs Look Fantastic!


Texas Rib Rangers 

Denton, TX

Everyone who knows us, knows what bbq-aholics we are.

We need equipment that will hold up to the workload we put it through.

We love our Ole Hickory Smokers, they keep up with us and all the BBQ lovers who wait in line for the great product they product. Our Ole Hickory Smokers produce the product that holds true to our motto “The best taste you’ll ever put a lip to”

We couldn’t do it without  our Ole Hickory Cookers.

Our hats off to you, thanks for a superior product and outstanding service.


Bill and Barbara Milroy

Texas Rib Rangers


Barb and Bill, You Are Champions Through & Through.  Thank You!




Amanda’s Mexican Restaurant


 Ramiro Ramirez

710 S. Broadway

Premont, TX   78375


Since I got my pit (CTO) and started cooking with it, my sales have increased by 30%.




Best Wishes For Continued Success, Ramiro!


I just wanted to tell how much I love the pit.
Here in Nova Scotia Canada there is no BBQ at all and your pit has made it easy for my staff and I to produce great bbq. We smoke with apple wood here because it’s abundant and affordable. I’m very sure this is not the last pit I will purchase from you.
All the best,
Scott Geddes 
The Woodshire Inn and Cocoa Pesto Bistro
Thank you, Scott.  We wish you continued success!

Pack Saddle BBQ

Marshall Gray

217 Tyler Terrace

San Angelo, TX 76905


My EL-ED/X is one of the best investments I have ever made.




We are happy to be of service, Marshall!


The Cackalacky Classic Condiment Co.

H. Page Skelton, President

PO Box 4901

Chapel Hill, NC 27515








          "We used an Ole Hickory Pit when we catered the NFL’s Official Super Bowl Tailgate Party.  And, as you might imagine, Cackalacky’s reputation as ’America’s Best Zest’ was on the line.  Only an Ole Hickory could stand up to a huge job like that!  Yep - it’s the best commercial pit money can buy.  And, everyone knows that Cackalacky only uses the best.  Thank you."


No, Page.  Thank you!  We appreciate your comments and your support!



Mike’s Pig Out Catering

Mike & Gina Nagle

Virginia Beach, VA


          It seems Mike Nagle has friends that travel in wide circles.  On a recent visit to Cape Girardeau, Mike’s neighbors stopped by the Ole Hickory Pits office to drop off pictures and sing Mike’s praises.  Besides taking his EL-EDX on its Fully Loaded Trailer to the marina, VFW and other fund raising events, Mike also treats his neighbors to weekend cookouts.


          Way to go Mike! 


          It looks like you’re really enjoying your smoker.





Phat Phil’s BBQ

Phil Beisiegel

208 E. Jefferson

Marshfield, MO



            Congratulations to Phil Beisiegel of Phat Phil’s BBQ for winning Grand Champion at this years’ Rock’n Ribs BBQ Festival in Springfield, MO, April 23, 2005.  This was a KCBS sanctioned event.


            Phil, with his Ole Hickory Pits EL-IB, also won 2nd in Chicken, 3rd in Ribs, 4th in Pork and 7th in Brisket.


            WAY TO GO PHIL!!!













  Tom Higdon

Morganfield, KY


            “If you want the best in smoked/barbecue meat, you have to get an Ole Hickory Pits cooker/smoker.  The competition can’t even touch Ole Hickory’s cookers.


            If I had an Ole Hickory BBQ Pit when we were in the BBQ restaurant business, I would have never retired and sold out.”



                                                              Tom Higdon


Thanks for the kind words Tom!!

B’s Hickory Smoked B-B-Q
1455 South Lamar Boulevard
Oxford, MS 38655
(662) 234-2230

233 Hwy 7 North
Coffeeville, MS 38901

638 Hwy 6
Batesville, MS 38606

“There is no other pit that will smoke meat, if learned how to use it, as well as the Ole Hickory Pit. It will give you the new taste of the south!”   
Phillip Byrd










 We are so glad that you LOVE your pit!! 

Music City Pig Pals / Music City Catering
6573 Marauder Dr
Nashville, TN 37209
(615) 356-6444


Dear Margaret,

Over the past 15 months the Music City Pig Pals have been overly blessed, in part due to our Ole Hickory Pit. Equipment is very important in this competitive business. Cooks need every advantage; it’s nice to know that you can count on the reliability of Ole Hickory Pits. Consistency each and every time makes the duplication process easier to achieve. Whether catering, competing or just cooking for friends, product duplication is the number one goal of every cook. There were 3300 teams that cooked in 100 KCBS contest last year. Listed below are some of the achievements Ole Hickory Pits & The Music City Pig Pals have accomplice since September 2000.

United States BBQ Championship
Grand Champion 2001

Tennessee State BBQ Championship
Grand Champion 2001

Louisiana State BBQ Championship
Grand Champion 2001

The Fall Fun Festival
Reserve Grand Champion 2001
Finished 3rd 5 times
Finished 4th
Finished 7th
Finished 10th

4 perfect 180 scores (that’s duplication)

KCBS Team of the Year 2001
2nd Runner Up

KCBS Chicken Category
Team of the Year
2nd Place

Thanks Ole Hickory,

Bobbie & Lee McWright


Three Little Pigs
5145 Quince Road
Memphis, TN 38117
(901) 685-7094

Hours: 8:00AM - 9:00PM (7 days a week)

“Ole Hickory Pit smokers are the finest thing since sliced bread. I can’t say anything bad about the company. The people at Ole Hickory Pits are as good as the equipment they sell. I ordered parts from the Service Manager yesterday and received them today. What more could I ask for from a company?”

Charlie, Three Little Pigs



Thank you for those kind words Charlie!!